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Episode 19 - Aaron Niequist - So what's the deal with a practice-based faith?

Aaron discovered a practice-based faith years ago when the limits of his own faith experience left him feeling spiritually empty, Niequist got to the point where he began to even question his beliefs. It was through the help of discovering a practice-based faith that he was able to see great healing take place in his life. He began to swim with God to bring healing to others then too.

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Episode 17 - William Paul Young and The Heart of Man

William Paul Young author of 'The Shack' along with many other novels, dropped into the show to chat through his involvement in The Heart of Man. He talks at length on how we as humanity engage with Shame. We also chat about developing a healthy narrative around sexuality within culture, faith, how we see God and so much more.

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Episode 14 - The Heretic - Rob Bell and Andrew Morgan

Rob Bell and Andrew Morgan dropped into The GoodCast to chat about the release of The Heretic which is released on March 1. The Heretic is a documentary film following the life and work of Rob Bell, one of the most polarizing figures in modern day Christianity. Listen in as we chat about the film, surfing, faith the bible and the future.

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