Episode 8 - Jarrod McKenna - Allowing grace to get at us

Grace. It’s more than just a word. It's more than a theory or a concept. I saw grace in such a powerful and tangible way recently while I was visiting Jarrod McKenna in Perth.

Jarrod is a friend, pastor, non-violent activist, father, and prolific speaker. He has spoken in many different environments ranging from churches to music festivals (including Splendour in the Grass). He is the founder of First Home Project in Perth and currently lives there with refugees in Perth. Jarrod also works internationally as an activist trainer, particularly in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

It was an absolute privilege to have him share with great vulnerability during this episode. He is a man who is so in love with Jesus and truly believes that healing will come to humanity and that it will come through our love for our neighbour, whomever that might be.