Episode 6 - Iain Provan - Seriously Dangerous Religion

Iain joins The GoodCast to talk about the sacredness of work, creation, the fall and so much else. He is an excellent human who has given his life to studying the scripture and in this episode he reframes the creation account from an ancient near eastern perspective and completely rethinks life and everything else...

There is so much goodness to hear in this episode. He has written prolifically on the Bible and specialises in the Old Testament including his most recent book, 'Seriously Dangerous Religion: What the Old Testament Says and Why it Matters'. He has a unique ability to embed the Biblical account into a rich context. Iain is the Marshall Sheppard Professor of Biblical Studies at Regent College in Canada and has been lecturing there for the past 20 years. 

For more information feel free to email him or check out more from him at Regent College.